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Title Date
McCarthy Debunks Reports Critical of NYPD September 12, 2011
Wrong is Wrong October 16, 2009
CAIR's Make or Break Moment December 2, 2008
Book Review: Those Who Choose the Sword September 21, 2008
More Perils of Interfaith Dialogue July 23, 2008
New Disclosures Tighten ISNA-Muslim Brotherhood Bonds July 22, 2008
Organizer's Past Raises Questions About Madrid Interfaith Conference July 15, 2008
A Pact With the Devil June 26, 2008
Kristof: Never Mind the Terrorists June 24, 2008
Fairfax Cop Who Tipped Terror Suspect Helped Kill Training Program May 9, 2008
Investigative Project Releases Gov't Memos Curtailing Speech in War on Terror May 2, 2008
Dangerous Word Games April 25, 2008
Do Hamas Columnists Get Paid? - Post Won't Say April 24, 2008
What about Sami? - New York Times Buys Into American Ikhwan Lobbying on Behalf of Convicted Terrorist April 18, 2008
Fighting Global Islamist Ideology the Key to War on Terror April 10, 2008
CAIR Pushes Phony Charges of Anti-Muslim Hysteria, Hate Crimes April 4, 2008
Leaders' Statements Illustrate CAIR's Extremism, Anti-Semitism April 3, 2008
CAIR Has Backed Islamist Meetings, Denigrated Muslim Moderates April 2, 2008
CAIR Seeks To Define Away Threat Posed by Radical Islamists April 1, 2008
CAIR Portrays "War on Terrorism" as Malicious "War on Islam" March 31, 2008
Quick To Defend Alleged Terrorists, CAIR Even Questioned Al Qaeda 9/11 Role March 28, 2008
CAIR Remains Apologist for Terrorist Hamas, Seeks To Silence Critics March 27, 2008
Some CAIR Officials Convicted of Crimes, More Tied to Extremist Groups March 26, 2008
Funding Ties With HLF and Foreign Donors Show CAIR's True Agenda March 25, 2008
CAIR Exposed: Part 1 - As IAP Offshoot, CAIR Followed Pro-Hamas Agenda From the Start March 24, 2008
Who Will Stand Against Terrorism? March 7, 2008
The ABC's of Radical Islam February 27, 2008
Soft Pedaling Radical Islam: The New York Times Discovers the MSA February 21, 2008
Wolf to Georgetown: Detail Use of Saudi Millions February 15, 2008
Looking Under a Rock: FBI and CIA Hit New Low in Recruitment Drive February 8, 2008
Pentagon Aide's Invitations Contradicted U.S. Policy February 4, 2008
Former IAP President Indicted For Naturalization Fraud January 30, 2008
Al-Arian's Third Strike January 28, 2008
The Terror Apologist in the Edwards Camp January 15, 2008
Strange Bedfellows on the Campaign Trail January 14, 2008
Silva's World and Schickel's Fantasy World January 2, 2008
Terrorism and the Times: What's Not Fit To Print December 18, 2007
Marine Captain Joins FBI Agent in Admitting Immigration Frauds December 4, 2007
Cannistraro, Apologist: Then and Now November 20, 2007
Former FBI Agent, and CIA Employee, an FBI Mole? November 13, 2007
Colmes Sets it Straight October 25, 2007
Alan Colmes and the HLF Case October 23, 2007
When Islamists Get Caught: MAS Edition October 2, 2007
Siddiqi and Simon September 28, 2007
CAIR's Friends in the Media September 25, 2007
Worst Approach to Counter-terrorism Yet September 18, 2007
DOJ, ISNA & HLF August 28, 2007
HLF and CAIR, a Supplement to Mainstream Reporting August 25, 2007
New York Times Covers for CAIR, Again August 17, 2007
ISNA's Lies Unchallenged Again August 11, 2007
CAIR Identified by the FBI as part of the Muslim Brotherhood's Palestine Committee August 9, 2007
Muzammil the "Moderate" July 30, 2007
Tribune's Former Public Editor: Hamas Operative Is An Asset To Chicago Community July 24, 2007
Scheuer's Faulty Memory July 20, 2007
HLF's P.R. Blitz: "Islamophobia" and Apple Pie July 17, 2007
The White House, CAIR and the OIC July 5, 2007
National Review: Radical Outreach - Bush coddles American apologists for radical Islam June 28, 2007
MPAC: Who's Changing the Subject? June 8, 2007
Ms. Lekovic... A Dozen Printing Mistakes? May 30, 2007
MPAC in Denial About Radicalization of Muslim Youth? May 23, 2007
Chicago Hamas Trial Update December 7, 2006
More on Chicago Hamas Trial November 17, 2006
Compelling Wire Taps and Documents Introduced at Chicago Hamas Trial November 15, 2006
Judy Miller Testifies At Chicago Hamas Trial November 14, 2006
Hamas in the New York Times November 3, 2006
Chicago Hamas Trial: Former Israeli Security Agent Takes the Stand October 31, 2006
Matthew Levitt, Treasury Official and Former CT Blog Expert, Testifies at Chicago Hamas Trial October 26, 2006
Hamas Trial in Chicago - Week 1 October 25, 2006
Muslim Brotherhood Member Barred from United States October 20, 2006
Speech Tape Compounds Questions on Hathout's Human Relations Award September 15, 2006
Al-Mabarrat – A Hezbollah Charitable Front in Dearborn, MI? July 22, 2006
Judge Calls Al-Arian PIJ Leader, Hands Down Maximum Sentence May 1, 2006
Islamists' message to Israel at New York City rally: "The mushroom cloud is on its way!" April 21, 2006
Sami al-Arian Admits His Terrorist Connections (video link added) April 17, 2006
There Is No Evidence to Support Moussaoui's Claims March 28, 2006
The ACLU's Palestinian Terrorist Friends January 26, 2006
Hamas: Winning at the Polls; Losing in the Courtroom January 24, 2006
Mayor Bloomberg Made the Right Call - The Earthquake Provides Opportunities for OBL & Radical Islamists October 11, 2005
Our New Reports on Terrorist Threats to Italy and the Muslim Brotherhood in France September 28, 2005
The American Islamic Leaders' "Fatwa" is Bogus July 28, 2005
Tariq Ramadan: The Case of the Grand Deception April 1, 2005
AP is Biased and Conflicted in Reporting on Palestinians February 28, 2005

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